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Upcoming Auditions


Audition Date

Saturday, December 7, 2019

2:00pm (registration at 1:30pm):

Dancers who sing - including Roxie and Velma

6:00pm (registration at 5:30pm):

Singers who act - Amos, Mary Sunshine, Billy Flynn, Mama Morton


Call backs

Questions? Email director John Luther at

All auditions take place at the WLMT Hall at:

2491 Jos St Louis Ave,

Windsor, ON

N8T 2M4

A DANCE WORKSHOP will be held on Thursday December 5, 2019 at 7:00pm (registration at 6:30pm). This is an opportunity for you to work with the choreographer. All are welcome to attend. The dance workshop event can be found here.

Visit our facebook page for the official audition event.

Chicago Production Team

Director/Choreographer - John Luther
Musical Director - Nicholas Morvay

Assistant Director - Janis Cramp

Assistant Choreographer - Christine Collins

Audition FAQs

Want to audition for the next show?

See our FAQs here.​

The Cast for Chicago

* Note: Age ranges are of the character and not the performer. Minimum age of performers is 16.

The ensemble is the most important element of this show. The men and women cast must be able to dance, sing and act and are heavily featured throughout the show (Razzle Dazzle meas 5 to 26).

VELMA KELLY: Female, 25-40 (Range: Alto, E3-D5)
Must be able to sing, dance and act. Vaudeville performer who is accused of murdering her sister and husband. Hardened by fame, she cares for no one but herself and her attempt to get away with murder. (All That Jazz meas 143 to 153)

ROXIE HART: Female, 20-30 (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, F3-B4)
Must be able to sing, dance and act. Reads and keeps up with murder trials in Chicago, and follows suit by murdering her lover. She stops at nothing to render a media storm with one goal: to get away with it. (Nowadays meas 1-16)

BILLY FLYNN: Male, 35-50 (Range: Baritone Bb2-G4)
Established lawyer who hasn’t lost a woman’s case yet. Master of media manipulation who will get a girl off the hook as long as she can fork up the hefty $5,000 fee. (All I Care About is Love meas 92 to 106)

MATRON "MAMA" MORTON: Female, 30-50 (Range: Alto, F#3-Bb4)
Leader of the prisoners of Cook County Jail. The total essence of corruption. Accepts bribes for favors from laundry service to making calls to lawyers. (When You’re Good to Mama meas 114 to 134)

MARY SUNSHINE: Male, 25-55 (Range: Soprano, Bb3-Bb5)
Sob sister reporter from the Evening Star. Believes there is a little bit of good in everyone and will 
believe anything she is fed that matches her beliefs. Traditionally played by a male (A Little Bit of Good meas 56 to 75)

AMOS HART: Male, 30-50 (Range: Baritone, C3-F#4)
Roxie’s faithful husband. Lies for her and tries to take the blame until he realizes that he has been two-timed by Roxie. Still in love with her, or misguided, he believes anything she says in her pursuit to get out of jail. (Mr. Cellophane meas 115 to 126)