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Become a Member


/wlmt ˈmɛmbər/


  1.  someone who has participated on or offstage in any capacity within the organization

  2.  someone who devotes their time and energy to further the growth of the organization

"As a WLMT member, I walked in the Canada Day Parade" 

synonyms: volunteer, participant, life member, card-carrying member

"a member of the family"

Becoming a Windsor Light Member is Simple!

No experience is required to volunteer in theatre and our members are excited to share their knowledge and passion about their departments and responsibilities. Whether you’re participating onstage or helping run promotional events, all departments are eager for new members!


Curious about the specifics of any of our production departments? Find out more.


Show rehearsals run Monday and Thursday nights at our rehearsal hall but specific time frames vary for each show. The production teams normally meet once a week during the summer, and two days a week during the production season. 

Dues and Subscriptions

To become a member please submit your membership application and pay your annual membership fee.

Member Perks

  • Monthly newsletters about events, audition notices and performance opportunities

  • Hands-on theatre experience

  • Personal growth by serving on committees and or the Board of Directors

  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

  • "Membucks" earned at events to put towards member purchases

Membership can be paid online or at the Windsor Light hall by cash, cheque, debit or credit. Membership is due annually on the anniversary date of first becoming a member and is good for one year. 

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