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Volunteer/Job Opportunities

Positions Available

Youth Programming Team


Windsor Light Music Theatre is looking for our next youth instructional team! This team will work collaboratively to plan and deliver our 2024-2025 Youth Programs! 


Building Supervisor - Part-Time, Volunteer


Windsor Light Music Theatre is looking for a Building Supervisor. The ideal candidate must be a member of the organization in good standing, and work with the Administrative Chair of the Board, as well as our Custodian. 

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the WLMT building 

  • Working with the Administrative Chair concerning annual operating budget, including normal expenses of maintaining the building and cost of normal repairs

  • Ensuring all equipment in the building is in good repair 

  • Seeing that emergency lighting and fire extinguishers are in proper operation 

  • Keeping the building safe for the membership, concerning exits and adherance to our fire manual guidelines 

  • Supervising the building Custodian 

  • Making arrangements with outside contractors for regular and special maintenance repairs (i.e. snow removal, plumbing, heating, etc.)

  • Obtaining quotes from outside companies as requested or required 

  • Working with the Health and Safety Supervisor concerning the building 

Interested members can contact Kaylee McCulloch, President of WLMT at


** Please note that this is a volunteer (unpaid) position.

Thinking of Becoming a Volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities are available in several departments!

  1. Construction and Painting in the Scenic Design Department

  2. Sewing, stitching, altering, and brainstorming in the Wardrobe and Costume Department

  3. Building, modelling and treasure hunting in the Properties Department

  4. Video, digital, and print marketing with our Marketing Committee

  5. Audition to sing and dance onstage as part of our cast!

Here are 5 reasons to join us!

  1. Gain professional theatre experience

  2. Make friends at monthly social events and be a member of the WLMT family!

  3. Develop, enhance or share your customer service skills

  4. Experience personal growth and self esteem

  5. Contribution to the world of theatre

There are several areas to volunteer with Windsor Light. Learn more!

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