Staff, Board & Committees


Managing Director - Darren McCaffery

Facility Custodian - Gerry Turmel

Board of Directors 2020 - 2021

President - Matthew Dumouchel

Vice-President - Rod Turton

Executive Secretary - Catherine Shanahan

Treasurer - Massimo Devito

Past President - Norma Coleman

Marketing & Production Chair - Ryan Turgeon

Membership Chair - Kathleen Paterson

Administrative Chair - Jim Walls

Youth Chair - Rod Turton

Recording Secretary - Sue Blaney


Governance Committee - responsible for the day-to-day operations of Windsor Light Music Theatre.

Membership Social Committee (MemSoc) - plans and host numerous member events throughout the year.

Marketing Committee - sets the vision for and manages the overall marketing strategy. The Marketing Committee is a standing committee that reports to the Board of Directors with a Chair that is determined by the Board of Directors annually.

Youth Committee - planning, educating, and directing youth productions and workshops during the summer.

Nominations Committee - identifies suitable candidates for various director positions.