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Beyond the curtain, there are many volunteers who create the finished product that audiences enjoy on stage. It is their hard-work and dedication that creates the worlds in which the performers live. A seemingly simple item like a chair can take hours to prep for the stage. It needs to fit within the set design, and stand up to the wear of 6 shows performances and countless rehearsals. Designing, painting, upholstering, carpentry, all have a hand in getting a simple chair to the stage. 

The financial cost of this work is invisible. Building and creating these worlds is expensive. Ticket sales only cover some of our costs. The remainder comes from the support of sponsors, government partners, and individual donors. Ticket purchases, donations and fundraising initiatives all help us to create these magnificent worlds, maintain our building, and enable our artists, crew, administrators, and performers to continue to do their best work in a safe and welcoming environment for years to come. 

Your tax-deductible gift is an investment in WLMT and a commitment to the arts community in Windsor-Essex.

With your partnership, Windsor Light continues to present the best of Broadway musical entertainment.


Prefer to mail a cheque? Send it to:

Windsor Light Music Theatre

2491 Jos St. Louis

Windsor, ON

N8T 2M4


Giving Options

All donors receive:

  • A Tax Receipt

  • Name listed on the lobby display during each performance for the season

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