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Production Departments

Our production departments are housed at our rehearsal hall, where volunteers take care of everything from creative design and construction of sets and props, to costuming, hair and makeup.


Once the stage is set, our production crew switches gears. Like a well-choreographed ballet, they become the behind-the-scenes crew who bring the magic of musical theatre to life during the show!

Construction / Set Design

Set squares, hammers, nails, muslin, paint and canvas comprise the majority of our sets. Our dedicated and very talented construction team collaborates with the Artistic Director to develop a unique Broadway-style set to compliment the performance, both functionally and aesthetically. An eye for detail and willingness to work are an asset to any construction crew!

Properties (Props) / Set Decoration

Props is responsible for all the objects used on stage by the actors, as well as decorating the sets to help establish the show’s period or “mood”. Starting with our own inventory of hand props, furniture, curtains, etc., we then expand our search to bargain shops, garage sales, friends’ basements – even the internet! Creativity is the key! With 1,000s of props, we have the most extensive prop inventory in Southern Ontario and are ready for any show!


The wardrobe department is responsible for costuming. Each production has unique requirements that demands imagination and ingenuity – along with incredible sewing skills. Each costume, whether it’s rented, created from scratch or from our existing collection is fitted and sized for each individual cast member. Sewing skills are an asset; although not essential to volunteering in wardrobe, since there are a wide variety of jobs – including dressers – for shows.

Makeup & Hair

Whether it’s painting on wrinkles, or shaping and forming wigs, our make-up and hair department make the actors fit the part. Vision from the Director as well as research and application is key to recreating show specific hair and make-up.


Lighting designers make use of the subtle and powerful medium of light, creating effects that can be changed at will to match the mood of the action. Stage lighting functions to make actors and their environments visible to the audience but are also used to:

  • Indicate time of day and location

  • Shift focus

  • Reinforce overall style

  • Make objects on stage appear flat or three dimensional

  • Blend the visual elements on stage into a unified whole


A highly sought skill in most theatres, the paint department is responsible for painting set elements under the direction of the set designer, but often the painter has the freedom to choose many of the design elements themselves. Painters utilize different textures, colours, and paints to effectively portray different scenic elements on many varying surfaces.


The refreshment crew is responsible for keeping our volunteers full, refreshed and energized with delicious and nutritious food. From rehearsals to tech week to the final performance this crew keeps our volunteers ready for every show! 

Do you love to bake or cook? This is the perfect crew for you!

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