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All about Windsor Light...

How It All Began

Dr. John H. L. Watson founded The Windsor Light Opera Association, in 1948 with the goal of bringing musical theatre to Windsor-Essex County. In its first year it presented “The Pirates of Penzance” in November of 1949 with 43 cast members on stage. The show did so well that a third performance date was added. Originally rehearsals took place at John Campbell Public School and rent was paid for by members who paid 25 cents. The productions were housed and presented on the Walkerville Collegiate stage which at the time had just under 900 seats. In 1960 the group began performing at the Cleary Auditorium, now called the Chrysler Theatre in the St. Clair College for the Arts. In 1986 WLOA purchased the church-turned-rehearsal-hall on Jos St. Louis where members rehearse today and which houses all of the organizations history and social gatherings.


In the early years, the company presented what was, at the time, referred to as operettas or “light operas”, which reflected in the name. Since that time, musicals have changed and so has our name. However, The Light Opera, still produces outstanding shows that reflect the best of Broadway musical entertainment. In 2007 the group changed its name to Windsor Light Music Theatre to better encompass the shows being produced but still keeping the “Light” aspect of the shows being chosen and performed by the group.

Not straying from their roots, WLMT continues to produce two Broadway style show annually with over 300 active members present on or offstage. WLMT has been a staple in the Windsor community resulting in such honours as a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Windsor and City Council who declared March 29th, 1998 Windsor Light Opera Association Day. That same year the theatre’s float won first place in its category at the Canada Day parade and its members have been used in performances all across Windsor such as the Canada 150 celebrations again performed at the Cleary. Windsor Light is thus far the only theatre group to perform with a live full piece orchestra for each show with local musicians often pulled from the members of Windsor Symphony Orchestra partnering with the symphony on many occasions and performances.

Mission, Value, Vision

Mission Statement

Windsor Light Music Theatre strives to produce high quality theatre for the enjoyment of Windsor and surrounding area audiences and provides a creative outlet for our diverse and multi-generational community.

Value Statements

  • Sense of Pride

    • WLMT values the legacy of the organization, its members and audience. We are committed to instilling a sense of pride among all.

  • Opportunity

    • WLMT values a friendly and inclusive environment where all contributions are valued and members can be involved in any capacity within the organization.

  • Excellence

    • WLMT values producing the highest quality musical theatre possible.

  • Community

    • WLMT value partnerships that strengthen our relationships and role within and beyond the arts community.

  • Teamwork

    • WLMT values an organization who's members work together, have fun and support each other.

Vision Statement

Windsor Light Music Theatre is a thriving organization producing quality sold out shows, with increasing involvement of it's members, encouraging more partnerships that all contribute to a vibrant arts community.

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