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The Windsor Light Music Theatre Board of Directors is excited to announce the transition of all our ticket sales to the Chrysler Theatre's Box Office.

What does this mean?
Chrysler Theatre will take over all ticket sales pertaining to Windsor Light Music Theatre (except Youth Productions)
beginning with public ticket sales for Chicago, moving forward. The exact date for public ticket sales for CHICAGO will be announced later this month.

What about my Preferred Tickets?
Windsor Light is working with the Chrysler Theatre Box Office to facilitate an easy transition for Preferred Ticket sales, however Windsor Light is still handling the Preferred Tickets for Chicago.

What about Cast Accounts?
All ticket sales will be processed through Chrysler Theatre Box office, hereby suspending any future cast account sales at Windsor Light for ease of transition.

Will there be additional fees?
We've been fortunate enough not to have to raise ticket prices for the last 6 years! However, the Chrysler Theatre charges the following handling fees:

  • A $2.00 Handling Fee (HF) and $1.00 Capitol Improvement Fee (CIF) is added to every ticket purchased by phone or in person at the Chrysler Theatre Box Office. 

  • Tickets purchased online will incur an additional $2.00 online convenience fee 


To save yourself the online convenience fee of $2.00, you may call the Box Office and place your order with a live representative during the following hours:

  • Tuesday-Thursday 11am-6pm

  • Friday-Saturday 11am-8pm

Chrysler Theatre can deliver your tickets through Canada Post, or they can be picked up at will-call. More information can be found at

What method of payments do they accept?

  • Cash

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • Debit Card

Why is this happening?
Windsor Light has outgrown our current method of processing ticket sales. We are so proud to have been able to facilitate ticket sales the current way for so many years, but we are so excited to move forward with a ticketing system that helps create a Broadway caliber experience to all our guests, patrons and members alike.


Chrysler Theatre Box Office:
Tel: 519-252-6579
Toll Free: 800-387-9181

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