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A: Well, it seems that the only thing you have to do is to search for the URL of the installer file, in your case for the German version it's (looks like it only at the end). As for the activation key, it appears to be your Windows serial number as far as I can see. Edit: This is the crack: Why Airbnb Will Be an Unlikely Winner in the Democratic Primary While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were having a spirited debate on national security at the CNN Democratic debate, the fourth candidate onstage was providing an amusing diversion. This was the moment when America’s favorite political commentator, Joe Scarborough, asked Whoopi Goldberg if she could explain the campaign for mayor of San Francisco for him. Hosting, Goldberg explained. Hosting what? Airbnb. Airbnb had already launched a campaign ad for San Francisco, highlighting the ways in which it’s disrupting business and the economy. For all the talk of Bernie Sanders’s policy specifics and Hillary Clinton’s vast experience, it was the relative newcomer in the Democratic race that was causing the most unexpected ripples this week. Though Airbnb had been in operation in San Francisco for less than two years, the company had managed to push its way into an established national news cycle without any help from a traditional news organization. “The whole thing is pretty clever,” Ben Smith of BuzzFeed noted in an analysis of the ad. “‘We’re disrupting the hotel industry by allowing people to list their apartments online, and by allowing travelers to book the apartments directly.’ After a few minutes of this rhetoric, the ad cuts to a series of apartments, all with online ads that direct people to Airbnbs, one after another.” The list of Airbnb hosts includes sitcom star Tom Hanks. The list includes actor/activist Elizabeth Warren. It includes civil rights leader Harry Belafonte. It includes San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and politicians from the city’s top two political parties. The point of the ad was to highlight how innovative Airbnb is. To ask whether Airbnb would be able to find a broad audience of voters

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