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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear?
    Something comfortable! Make sure you can breathe and move. If you will be dancing, athletic pants, dance pants or tights, a t-shirt/tank, and a sweater to keep you warm, if needed, are recommended. Jazz shoes or non-marking sneakers can be worn on the feet. Directors may request that you bring dance shoes (ex.tap or pointe shoes).
  • When should I arrive?
    Come early to register! Registration begins a half hour prior to auditions (typically at 6:30pm). Upon arrival, sign in and fill out audition forms. You will be given a numbered button to wear and asked to pose for a head shot. Auditions often (but not always) proceed in the order your registration number, so the sooner you register, the sooner you will complete your audition.
  • Will auditions be in a group, or individual?"
    Every director has their own unique audition process. Often auditions are separated into groups – pit chorus, ensemble and leads.There will be more specific directions on the website for a particular show, including character descriptions with age and vocal ranges. Leads are required to sing on their own but those auditioning for ensemble or pit oftentimes audition in small groups. You may stand around the piano or face the audience. If you are auditioning for a lead role, you may be given a small script to read.
  • What should I sing?
    This depends on the show.You may be asked to sing specific songs from the show (sheet music provided) or prepare 16 bars from a song of your choice. In this case, it is a good idea to choose the portion of a song that best reflects and showcases the range of your voice. Be sure to read through the audition info in advance to arrive prepared.
  • Will I have to dance at the audition?
    Those auditionning to be onstage (not pit chorus) are required to do a short dance audition where you will be taught a small piece of choreography.
  • What if this is my first time auditioning?
    Windsor Light Music Theatre strives to create a welcoming audition experience. We are always happy to see new talent come out to audition. If you act, sing, dance, or move well, and have a passion for theatre, then give it a try. Bring your enthusiasm!
  • Help! I'm nervous.
    You are not alone. You will feel a mixture of anxiety, tension and enthusiasm in the air – that’s perfectly normal! Even seasoned theatre veterans get nervous. You are not expected to perform as well as you would after months of rehearsals, and most people are too focused on their own auditions to judge you. Everyone is in the same boat. Empathy is rampant!
  • When should I expect a callback if I am chosen?
    During the first audition directors will announce a timeframe and how you will be notified about casting. It can be very difficult to wait, but don’t make any assumptions about whether or not you have been cast in the show until you get a confirmation call or e-mail from the director’s team. If you do not get cast in the show, it does not mean that you gave a bad audition. It just means that you should try again next time.

Audition FAQs

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