The Crew


The Production Department of Windsor Light is a fully functioning design, construction and back stage crew. They do everything from designing, constructing, painting and dressing the set, to drawing, making and fitting costumes, to make-up and curling wigs, to plotting, hanging and cueing lights, to recording and playing sound tracks, mic-ing the actors and the orchestra. Once the stage is set, our Production Crew switches gears. Like a well choreographed ballet, they become the behind the scenes professionals who bring the magic of music theatre to life.

The Production Department is fortunate to be able to house and build sets and props in Windsor Light’s fully functioning workshop. Wardrobe, make-up and wigs also have their own studio at the Windsor Light Music Theatre rehearsal studio.

Join one of these department and enjoy a creative outlet and the company of great people.

Properties (Props) and Set Decoration Department

The Props department is responsible for all of the “stuff” used on stage by the actors, as well as decorating the sets to help establish the show’s time period or “mood”. The Props Crew works as a team to meet these needs, starting with our own inventory of hand props, furniture, curtains etc. Then we expand our search to bargain shops, garage sales, friends’ basements, even the internet! Creativity is the key when making our own cost effective versions of things like a magic mirror, turn of the century movie camera and newspapers, glittering ball masks or even huge drapes for a beast’s castle!

Wardrobe Department

The wardrobe department is responsible for outfitting all cast members. Each production demands different requirements of the wardrobe crew. Wardrobe has had to create and find period naval outfits for the crew of Titanic, fit a town of Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz and bring to life the characters from Dr. Suess in Suessical.

Imagination, ingenuity, along with sewing skills are essential for making and finding that perfect item of clothing for a character. Costumes are made, fitted and sized from our own collection, like in Damn Yankees 2006; created by our own crew such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2003); and sometimes ordered in from the original Broadway or touring productions themselves such as Scarlet Pimpernel (2002) and Ragtime(2003).

Sewing skills are an asset but not essential to wardrobe crew since there are a wide variety of jobs including dressers for shows.

Make-up and Hair

Whether it is painting on wrinkles or shaping and forming 150 wigs, Windsor Light’s Make-up and Hair department make our actors fit the part. Research and application is key to recreating make-up and hair styles such as those in ancient Egypt for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – 1996, or transforming fifteen men into spectacularly coiffed drag queens as in Le Cage aux Folles – 1997.

Set Design and Construction

Set Squares, hammers, nails, muslin, paint and canvas comprise the majority of Windsor Light Music Theatre sets. Our skilled carpenters have created moving Pyramids, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat 1996, Our scenic painters use colour. brush techniques and faux finishes to emulate vintage style circus wagons in Barnum! 1994 and the exotic plants in the Jungle of Nool in Suessical 2004.