Membership Info

To become a Windsor Light Active Member all you need to do is submit your membership information and pay your annual membership fee. Membership is paid on the anniversary date of becoming a member and is good for one year.  We will mail you a friendly reminder letter on your anniversary so no need to pencil in your calendar!

An adult membership is $50.00 per year.  For students who are under the age of 18, membership is $40.00 per year.  Membership can be paid at the Windsor Light hall by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. You may also mail your cheque (and information) to the hall or call and pay by credit card. We are also pleased to offer a family discount- the first member of your immediate family pays the regular rate and each family member following that gets $10.00 discounted from their membership.

Why join?

As a member you will receive monthly email newsletters that will keep you informed of organizational news, production news and social/member events.  In addition, as a member you are welcome to join us in our two yearly productions: sing, dance, act, build props, paint, work sound lighting, wardrobe, hair/makeup, backstage at the theatre as well as advance notice of auditions and events.

Your membership supports the Windsor Light Theatre productions and activities. Everyone is a contributor whether on stage, back stage or front of house.  Each and every member of our organization is a star!

There are three classifications of Windsor Light members:

Active Members

As an Active member you can…

  • Sing, Dance and Act in the shows
  • Build, paint and design sets
  • Work sound and lighting
  • Sew costumes and dress characters
  • Apply make-up and do hair and wigs
  • Enjoy the social atmosphere at the hall
  • Work backstage at the theatre
  • Attend the afterglow party
  • Receive discount parking passes for the theatre
  • Attend social activities
  • Receive our on line newsletter The Score
  • Serve on various committees
  • Attend and Vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Become a Board Member

Active Life Members

Active Life Members are those members who have attained Life Membership status prior to December, 2010 and who have been active or have made a patron donation within the last three year period.

Non-active Members

Non-active Members are members who have let their membership lapse and as a result are placed on our mailing list so that they still receive announcements with respect to upcoming shows and auditions.